Major Benefits Offered By A Real Estate Agent License

Key Takeaways

Although strong arguments can be made for and against the concept of investors being real estate agents, there certainly are benefits to being privy to events they are actively licensed in.

From my professional perspective, there are definite benefits to investors obtaining a real estate license.

Access to an increased number of deals, networking opportunities, and extra income are just a few of the advantages that real estate investors who are actively licensed have access to.

A real estate license comes with definite benefits. In my opinion, the advantages associated with a real estate license make it definitely worth the money, effort, and time that it costs to obtain one. For that matter, there are few strategies that can provide more leverage to investors in expanding their businesses. The benefits provided by a real estate license is something you cannot afford to ignore; they need to be acknowledged in order to reach your full potential.

It is fairly common for investors to question whether they obtain a real estate license or not. Although you definitely don’t need one to succeed, every advantage is helpful. However, getting licensed might take more effort than many people realize. It takes both money and time to get licensed – which are not things not all new investors have. It is definitely worth the investment if your real estate license can be used for networking, for deals, or to just earn and save more money. Of course, there is also the option that you can work with somebody else that has a license, but having your own license can help you avoid many hassles.

Top 5 Benefits To An Investor Becoming A Real Estate Agent

If you are having difficulties deciding whether or not obtaining a real estate license is actually worth the investment or not, then it can be useful to get a detailed analysis of the major benefits. While reviewing these benefits, keep in mind that some are them are enhanced even more if you are an investor who has a real estate license.

The following are five definite benefits that are provided by a real estate license that investors can’t afford to ignore:

You are able to earn commissions.
Your business knowledge will be enhanced.
You can expand your contact network.
You are able to earn extra income.

Earning Extra Income

If you are a new investor, then there is a good chance that you will welcome any extra income. Even if you don’t have an interest in becoming a real estate agent as a career, and it can offer you opportunities to earn supplemental income. Completing a single broker price opinion or listing one house every couple of months won’t allow you to retire right away, but it will help you earn some extra income once in a while. It is also an excellent way to learn about business from a different perspective. You will learn how real estate agents do their work and what they must do to become successful. During this time, you can work your contacts to learn about the investing business and earn money at the same time. It might take months before you really get going on your first wholesale or rehab deal. During this time a real estate license can help to supplement your income.

Access To Deals

It is nice to have a deal every couple of months, but it is not the main reason to get a license. Obtaining your license will open doors to deals you might have never thought of. Rather than waiting for your Realtor to inform you about new deals, you can be the initial point of contact instead. You will know about a new listing as soon as it hits the MLS. You will be able to quickly review properties in locations you are interested in and make your offer before the day is over. The main reason for obtaining your real estate license is having access to new deals.

New Contacts

It can be a very delicate balance to be a Realtor and a real estate investor. Some people are skeptical to work with an investor who is also a Realtor. However, this is a small number compared to how many new contacts you can make by being a Realtor – not just in your office but also at local networking functions and open houses. You can develop contacts at banks as well that will provide you the inside track on properties that are owned by the bank. No matter how you look at it, the more people you are able to meet, the more deals you will be able to close. Your investing business can be completely changed by being at the right office or meeting a certain real estate agent.


The more knowledgeable you are about business, the higher your chances are of becoming successful. Practically any investment deal that you are involved in will include having contact with real estate agents. When you understand how the real estate side of things work it will provide you with insights on the best ways to structure contracts as well as what to look for in properties. You will also have a better feeling about what is really necessary to close a deal. Even if you’ve closed a couple of deal you might not truly understand what is legally binding within a contract or what goes into the addendum. You will have a different perspective when you are a real estate agent: one that can help save you money and time in the future.


You can save commissions on your personal deals along with earning money on deals. If you only close six investment deals per year as the Realtor, you are making and saving more than $10,000. Since you would be purchasing those properties anyway, that extra income can be reinvested back in your business. If you are able to flip the properties and list them quickly yourself, on the sales side that is an additional 2.5 percent. After you have paid the taxes and broker split, you will still be earning money you would have had to pay to somebody else.


To be able to take advantage of the benefits that a real estate license provides takes more than just wanting to get your license. It is not an easy task to obtain a real estate license. To begin with, you will need to pass a local real estate course. Then you will need to take the test. Sometimes even experienced investors have problems with the test if they don’t study enough. After that, you will need to locate a broker who will hold your license. And there are also expenses, application fees, and yearly renewals that you will need to pay. It is not easy getting licensed but it is frequently well worth it. It is not necessary for all investors to have a real estate license, but for the right investor, it can have the potential to completely transform your business.

Have you ever sat down and weight the benefits of having a real estate license compared to the amount of effort and time it will take to obtain one? Maybe you have had good luck working with a real estate agent instead of becoming one visit Either way, just let us know what your thoughts are or tell how your investing career has been changed by having a real estate license.

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